About Us

We put down our roots in Nazilli district, the center of long life, in 2009. In the fig season of 2013-2014, we decided to grow and develop and moved to our new location. Now, in our modern enterprise built on 12.000 m² closed area and a total of 21.000 m², we supply the quality and delicious dried figs grown in our region from the producers. With our "Sare İncir and İncircim" brand, which is the product of our experience and care, we offer our products to our customers, which are naturally processed without compromising quality and hygiene conditions.

Our Sare Fig and İncircim brands open the door to products that form the basis of a healthy life. Used as food supplements and recommended by experts, these medicinal plants products, which contain vitamin values that have a protective effect against diseases, have no side effects. In 2020, the laboratory studies we started in 2018 completed all kinds of analysis studies. With the necessary production permits issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, we are proud to offer "Fig Kernel Oil", which is a healthy medicinal product at the source of figs, to the service of our nation.

As Sare Fig family, we are not only a fig business, but also a supporter and protector of healthy life. In addition to offering our customers the most delicious and healthy gifts of nature, we are always sensitive about the quality, hygiene and reliability of our products. Each fig is carefully selected, processed and delivered to you from the fertile soil of Nazilli. We are here to offer you and your family a healthy life. Discover the blessings of nature and protect your health with Sare Fig.

Your health is important to us and as Sare Fig, we are proud to make you feel this importance in each of our products. We are here to offer you and your loved ones a healthy and delicious life. We are always happy to contribute to your health and happiness with Sare Fig and İncircim.